Yes, of course, they all knew. The NEW VENUS would be loved, adored and desired.

National and global think tanks had delivered upbeat results and confirmed that now was the time to launch, confirming something so totally seductive, new and so amazingly thought out just hadn't been done before.

A product sold in such an appealing, consumer friendly package, underlining femininity, was sure to increase sales and become an international success.

Launching in France was the perfect way to start this campaign, first in several Paris locations and future down the road expanding and conquer markets worldwide.

The beauty of it all was that nothing similar had been created before, together with the fact that it was nouveaux it was simply a brilliant idea.

One decisive step was to launch it with the confidence and approval of important in-house departments who trusted VENUS because of the excitement it created.

Because it was absolutely innovating, romantic, trendy and new, VENUS would be an industry shaking event. A media storm was sure to follow its introduction.

Today it is going to be introduced -

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