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First this reminder: We only list domains in our 'SOLD' section which have similarity to what we offer, like domains with likewise extensions. 

For the first part of April global sales show an interesting mix of top level and country codes together with English and non-English domain names.

First on our list is just sold this week by WebMediaProperties for a cool $85,000. A four letter domain at $85,000! I rest my case. Just forget this nonsense about 'one word domains only'. 
The domain is currently parked without any activity. and are top level domains own by me and offered right here at Seeing the sale above, I know we have some valuable real estate for any savvy realtor. Click on the domain(s) above to make an offer.

The  amazing country code definitely saw the light again this week with Managed by sedo, it was sold for £25,000 = $37,750.  Nice sale, however the domain is inactive as of this writing.

Here is a selection of other excellent domains at our site. Have a look and make an offer with on, and/or (.com also available).

Another county code domain, .at for Austria, also makes the list in April. was sold for €21,750 = $23,490. An active site up and running, it sells among other things bodybuilding products from their online shop.

Thinking about doing business in Austria? Don't move before checking our great selection of .at domains sold through sedo or the domain broker of your choice. We offer quality domains like, and many more for Austria websites.

Someone got the ticket with selling at $20,000. Obviously if you are selling tickets to anything this might have been the last and only chance to get a domain that said it all. Ticket does not resolve to any site yet.

For our .co domains we created their own home at Check it out, (mostly German domain names).

Now the French lesson for the day. Maybe you know what a Detector-de-metaux translates to, but for those who don't, it means Metaldetector. just sold for EUR 5,000. The domain does not resolve but is up and running, hélas in French only. Do we have a case hear where a the Detecteur bought the Detector to protect its name?

Top French domain names with the French country code extension are also available at Domain-inventory: and Click on the name and make an offer before they gone.

My favorite this month is a name and a number on top of being a .com. sold at $40,000. Someone has big plans for this one.
They function as 'a hybrid between a privately directed incubator and class based accelerator'. If that's nor clear contact them.

Do you like '360' domains? We have over 30 domains containing '360' like,, and many more. Visit our Blog to see the entire listing of 'the 360' or listen to the beautiful music video about 360 my domains here.

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Beachfront Estate search brings up 2,300,000 results in Google.
Why should you own this top level country code domain (ccTLD) if you are a realtor looking to sell high value Beach Front Properties in the United States.

Here is why. 
NOAA's official value for the total length of the U.S. shoreline is 95,471 miles.The desire to live by the sea is as old as the Unites States of America. Hawaii, Florida, and the Carolinas are leading the way with the most pristine, white sand beaches.  
In all there are twenty three U.S. states bordering either on an ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. These sought after destinations offer one-of-a-kind properties that demand premium prices and sell to those who can afford it, a market that no realtor would want to miss. 
A few samples of today's listings of Beachfront Estate for sale in the USA.
  • Old Saybrook, Connecticut, $28,000,000
  • Montauk, New York, $25,000,000 
  • Water Mill, New York, $85,000,000
  • Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound, Florida, $62,500,000
  • Private Estate, Bridgehampton, New York, Price Upon Request
  • Sag Harbor, New York, $49,000,000
  • Ocean Front Del Mar, California, $39,500,000
  • N Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida, $35,900,000
  • Kahala Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, $16,950,000
  • Old Habor Road, North Palm Beach, Florida, $13,975,000
  • Marthas Vineyard, Aquinnah, Massachusetts, Price Upon Request
  • Indian Field Road, Greenwich, Connecticut, $130,000,000 (Sold) is for sale at

.CO Domains

.CO for Company, Corporation, Commerce.

Available at or the domain broker of your choice.

To see our entire inventory of top level domains visit Domain-inventory.

Take a shot at it.

.44-caliber Smith & Wesson
Colt .45-caliber Revolver
Double-Barreled Shotgun
Colt Peacemaker, 1873
Glock 17, 1982
Ruger Single Six Convertible  .22/22 Mag
Ruger Super Blackhawk
Winchester Model 94
Winchester 1897
Remington Model 32
Decorative Flintlock Pistols.
Kentucky Long Rifle
Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum

The above collectors items might not be available for sale.

However, the domains and

are definitely for sale at

You can place a bid, make and offer or buy outright.

Take a shot at it.

.at Domains Österreich Austria

Country Code Top Level Domains .at for Austria.
  4. Flugschnä
Unsere .at Domain(s) können Sie bei sedo oder einem Domainhändler Ihrer Wahl ersteigern, sofort kaufen oder einen Preis vorschlagen.

Key Biscayne Golf

    Key Biscayne Golf
    • Destinations
    • USA
    • Florida
    • Dade County
    • Miami
    • Sport
    • The Links
    • Key Biscayne
    • Tropical Island
    • Golf
    • Golf Course
    • Golf Clubs
    • Golfcarts
    • Golf Academy
    • Masters
    • Senior PGA Tour
    • Tournament
    • Championship
    • 18-Hole Course

    Could it be that some things are better than a hole in one?

    Rummage sale

    Actually I wanted to record worthwhile sales for last week as reported by DNJournal, when I came across the latest sales of country code domains.

    What is happening here?

    Are we running a rummage sale or are we talking about domains.

    Two, three and other short domain names with top level country code extensions being sold for next to nothing.

    Something is definitely not right, or how can one explain a,, or a domain, all selling for only €2,000!

    Dot-co this week did not fare any better either, as we see in and bringing in a measly $2,550 each.

    And French domains made it onto the stage with three one word domain sales in the top 12 - but for only €7,000 or less. at €7,000 = $7,560, €3,990 = $4,309 and €2,999 = $3,239. Whoever gave those domains away must have really needed the money.

    Even a dot-me, (me!) sold for for $ 10700. 
    C'est une honte!

    The Germans almost ended on top if it wouldn't have been for the above mention 'me', and a sold for €7,500. (Don't ask me to translate I don't know either what that means).

    The French did not give up that easily and sold one more, this time they diverted from their country code, dot-fr, to a gTLD with and again let it go for peanuts - € 3,600. (Hélas, it was not a Bateaux-mouches).
    Is it that panic sets in because of all those never ending issuance of yet another ludicrous domain extension coming our way. Should we all sell the our ccTLDs and TLDs, get out of domaining and maybe take up stamp collecting instead? 
    Don't laugh, last year Sotheby's as reported by CNN sold one single stamp for $9.48 million.

    While there were no earth shaking results reported this week, I am comforted by recent domain sales of for 350,000, for $76,000 and for €50,000 - so I think I stick to domaining for a little while longer.

    Rumors have it that the dot-coms is making a come-back. Let's hope the country codes follow suit. To get going we could all use a little in a while.

    As reported by DNJournal in January 2015 sold for $265,149.


    Why in heavens name should you buy another​ domain? Your website is up and running, your sales are OK and you are making money.

    Why? Because being in business ​today​ is simply ​not enough and it all ​may crumble some day in the not too distance future​,​ because the Internet is littered with former high-flyers that have tried and failed.

    What if competitors eat away at your business, and newer and better trends will lead to your companies wipe-out. It might be a good idea to gently guide today's ​fickle netizen along and let them discover your site as the first, if not the only choice.

    ​So let's have a look what happens when you buy one or more additional domains for the support of your current site. Of course, you keep your current domain name and actually have to do very little, (other than buying domains) to increase sales and rank higher on Google's first page search results.

    Here is one example: Your XYZ-dot-company is selling XYZs products  locally as well as globally. Local sales only might not sustain you​ business for long and your global sales will arouse the envy of the competition. Your business​ might slip to second or third​ place and possible fail completely and shut down.

    So you buy X-dot-company but you don't create a new website to sell the Xs, you link it to your XYZ site. You also acquire the ​domain Y-dot-company and of course Z-dot-company, too.

    Anyone looking for Xs, Ys or Zs is likely to end up on your site, you dominate the markets for Xs,Ys and Zs. Congratulations, you now own the most important content related domains for your products.

    ​Using a domain to link to a main page is done over and over again. How many times have you typed in a domain name or made a Google search only to be re-directed to a related website.

    It is an effective way to channel traffic to an existing business, and not to the competition, and boils down to website content and key word related domains, used to match related business, products or services.

    So what you need to do, is to strengthens your ​XYZ company​, and protect it from all possible competitors that deal and trade in Xs, Y​s​ and Z​s​.
    Example 2: ​If you selling rainwater in bottles and your company is called wouldn't you love to own as well? Of course you would.
    While many​ of our domains could be registered as trademarks and have a very unique value of their own, quiet​ a few of Domain-inventory's domains are the perfect match to support your content, ​sales and products.​ Check our categories.
    It might not be a bad idea to rummage through​ our domain ​inventory to see if one or more of our domains might just be the perfect addition to your ​own domain and match your content with our perfect key word domain(s).
    The same holds true for our top level country code domain as we offer the same domain name in different extensions and related domain names. One example is this month feature about Croatia with domains available in three language and four different extensions. (Featured this month on our Home page).
    While failure has many faces​ any business with a solid ​and well-thought-out ​road map and attainable business plan​ should do everything possible​ to grow and prosper in order to protect their ideas, capital and human resources.​
    Trying to optimize business on the web or even dominate markets might become​ a little ​easier when, how a site is ranked, might depend on the right​ content and right domain name(​s)​.

    Otherwise instead of being the next big thing you might end up being the next has-been.

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    Must-have Domains for travel agents, tour operators and reservation centers selling flights, hotels and vacations in and to Croatia.
    Are you a tour operator offering Croatia and the places listed below? Do you want to attract more business to a country that' s already coined The new French Riviera and How the Côte d'Azur used to be? Can you tell that vacationers are looking for safe destinations? If you answer yes to all of the above, the domain (and some of the domains listed below), now can be in your possession in no time at all.
    Clearly the KEY WORDS of the domain are designed to attract maximum website visitors. Whether you are starting out or are the CEO of a popular travel agency, the domain will bring you more business, without having to spend more on adverting, simple by launching a website.

    Here are some of the major attractions of Croatia:

    • The island of Brac
    • Brijuni National Park
    • Dubrovnik
    • Elafiti islands
    • Euphrasian Basilica
    • Gornji Grad
    • Hvar Town
    • Istria
    • Korcula
    • Kopački Rit Nature Park
    • The Makarska Riviera
    • Mount Medvednica
    • Osljek
    • Plitvice Lakes National Park
    • Pula Rijeka
    • Rovinj
    • Split
    • Varaždin
    • Vis
    • Vuvovar
    • Zadar
    • Zagreb
    • Zagorje

    Make an offer, place a bid or buy outright.

    Google Search for CROATIA: 372.000.000 results!
    Average Monthly (June 2016) Search Results for CROATIA: 1.220.000!

    Registrar URL:
    Created Date: 2013-07-02
    Registration Expiration Date: 2017-07-02 

    Also available:

    und für den Deutschsprachigen Raum:

    Please contact me with any questions you may have.

     Croatia Travel Center

    The island of Brac
    Brijuni National Park
    Elafiti islands
    Euphrasian Basilica
    Gornji Grad
    Hvar Town
    Kopački Rit Nature Park
    The Makarska Riviera
    Mount Medvednica
    Plitvice Lakes National Park

    The domain is for sale at

    Also available:
    und für den Deutschsprachigen Raum: