Why in heavens name should you buy another​ domain? Your website is up and running, your sales are OK and you are making money.

Why? Because being in business ​today​ is simply ​not enough and it all ​may crumble some day in the not too distance future​,​ because the Internet is littered with former high-flyers that have tried and failed.

What if competitors eat away at your business, and newer and better trends will lead to your companies wipe-out. It might be a good idea to gently guide today's ​fickle netizen along and let them discover your site as the first, if not the only choice.

​So let's have a look what happens when you buy one or more additional domains for the support of your current site. Of course, you keep your current domain name and actually have to do very little, (other than buying domains) to increase sales and rank higher on Google's first page search results.

Here is one example: Your XYZ-dot-company is selling XYZs products  locally as well as globally. Local sales only might not sustain you​ business for long and your global sales will arouse the envy of the competition. Your business​ might slip to second or third​ place and possible fail completely and shut down.

So you buy X-dot-company but you don't create a new website to sell the Xs, you link it to your XYZ site. You also acquire the ​domain Y-dot-company and of course Z-dot-company, too.

Anyone looking for Xs, Ys or Zs is likely to end up on your site, you dominate the markets for Xs,Ys and Zs. Congratulations, you now own the most important content related domains for your products.

​Using a domain to link to a main page is done over and over again. How many times have you typed in a domain name or made a Google search only to be re-directed to a related website.

It is an effective way to channel traffic to an existing business, and not to the competition, and boils down to website content and key word related domains, used to match related business, products or services.

So what you need to do, is to strengthens your ​XYZ company​, and protect it from all possible competitors that deal and trade in Xs, Y​s​ and Z​s​.
Example 2: ​If you selling rainwater in bottles and your company is called wouldn't you love to own as well? Of course you would.
While many​ of our domains could be registered as trademarks and have a very unique value of their own, quiet​ a few of Domain-inventory's domains are the perfect match to support your content, ​sales and products.​ Check our categories.
It might not be a bad idea to rummage through​ our domain ​inventory to see if one or more of our domains might just be the perfect addition to your ​own domain and match your content with our perfect key word domain(s).
The same holds true for our top level country code domain as we offer the same domain name in different extensions and related domain names. One example is this month feature about Croatia with domains available in three language and four different extensions. (Featured this month on our Home page).
While failure has many faces​ any business with a solid ​and well-thought-out ​road map and attainable business plan​ should do everything possible​ to grow and prosper in order to protect their ideas, capital and human resources.​
Trying to optimize business on the web or even dominate markets might become​ a little ​easier when, how a site is ranked, might depend on the right​ content and right domain name(​s)​.

Otherwise instead of being the next big thing you might end up being the next has-been.

Visit Domain-inventory today to get the right domain name(s).​
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