Rummage sale

Actually I wanted to record worthwhile sales for last week as reported by DNJournal, when I came across the latest sales of country code domains.

What is happening here?

Are we running a rummage sale or are we talking about domains.

Two, three and other short domain names with top level country code extensions being sold for next to nothing.

Something is definitely not right, or how can one explain a,, or a domain, all selling for only €2,000!

Dot-co this week did not fare any better either, as we see in and bringing in a measly $2,550 each.

And French domains made it onto the stage with three one word domain sales in the top 12 - but for only €7,000 or less. at €7,000 = $7,560, €3,990 = $4,309 and €2,999 = $3,239. Whoever gave those domains away must have really needed the money.

Even a dot-me, (me!) sold for for $ 10700. 
C'est une honte!

The Germans almost ended on top if it wouldn't have been for the above mention 'me', and a sold for €7,500. (Don't ask me to translate I don't know either what that means).

The French did not give up that easily and sold one more, this time they diverted from their country code, dot-fr, to a gTLD with and again let it go for peanuts - € 3,600. (Hélas, it was not a Bateaux-mouches).
Is it that panic sets in because of all those never ending issuance of yet another ludicrous domain extension coming our way. Should we all sell the our ccTLDs and TLDs, get out of domaining and maybe take up stamp collecting instead? 
Don't laugh, last year Sotheby's as reported by CNN sold one single stamp for $9.48 million.

While there were no earth shaking results reported this week, I am comforted by recent domain sales of for 350,000, for $76,000 and for €50,000 - so I think I stick to domaining for a little while longer.

Rumors have it that the dot-coms is making a come-back. Let's hope the country codes follow suit. To get going we could all use a little in a while.

As reported by DNJournal in January 2015 sold for $265,149.

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