First this reminder: We only list domains in our 'SOLD' section which have similarity to what we offer, like domains with likewise extensions. 

For the first part of April global sales show an interesting mix of top level and country codes together with English and non-English domain names.

First on our list is JacksonHoleRealEstate.com just sold this week by WebMediaProperties for a cool $85,000. A four letter domain at $85,000! I rest my case. Just forget this nonsense about 'one word domains only'. 
The domain is currently parked without any activity.

MallorcaBungalows.com and ManhattanVacancies.com are top level domains own by me and offered right here at DomainNamesales.com. Seeing the sale above, I know we have some valuable real estate for any savvy realtor. Click on the domain(s) above to make an offer.

The  amazing country code .co.uk definitely saw the light again this week with lights.co.uk. Managed by sedo, it was sold for £25,000 = $37,750.  Nice sale, however the domain is inactive as of this writing.

Here is a selection of other excellent .co.uk domains at our site. Have a look and make an offer with DomainNamesales.com on eCash24.co.uk, LondonEstateHomes.co.uk and/or Wiz360.co.uk. (.com also available).

Another county code domain, .at for Austria, also makes the list in April. Bodybuilding.at was sold for €21,750 = $23,490. An active site up and running, it sells among other things bodybuilding products from their online shop.

Thinking about doing business in Austria? Don't move before checking our great selection of .at domains sold through sedo or the domain broker of your choice. We offer quality domains like  Traumdomizil.at, ViennaCafes.at and many more for Austria websites.

Someone got the ticket with Ticket.co selling at $20,000. Obviously if you are selling tickets to anything this might have been the last and only chance to get a domain that said it all. Ticket does not resolve to any site yet.

For our .co domains we created their own home at Domaininventory.co. Check it out, (mostly German domain names).

Now the French lesson for the day. Maybe you know what a Detector-de-metaux translates to, but for those who don't, it means Metaldetector. 
Detector-de-metaux.fr just sold for EUR 5,000. The domain does not resolve but Detecteur-de-metaux.com is up and running, hélas in French only. Do we have a case hear where a the Detecteur bought the Detector to protect its name?

Top French domain names with the French country code extension are also available at Domain-inventory: NouveauxVenus.fr and VenteStudioParis.fr. Click on the name and make an offer before they gone.

My favorite this month is a name and a number on top of being a .com. Lab360.com sold at $40,000. Someone has big plans for this one.
They function as 'a hybrid between a privately directed incubator and class based accelerator'. If that's nor clear contact them.

Do you like '360' domains? We have over 30 domains containing '360' like Dossier360.com, France360.co, WIZ360.com and many more. Visit our Blog to see the entire listing of 'the 360' or listen to the beautiful music video about 360 my domains here.

Thank you for reading this far. If you like to add anything to this section, please make a comment.