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It's obviously, you can print just about anything today. Cars, fabrics, clothes, shoes, musical instruments, homes, guns and even parts of the human body including organs. All that in different colors, shapes, textures and sizes.

3D printing is now being used in technology, manufacturing, in the medical field, fashion and in space.

Closer to home we have been focusing on urgent and immediate needs of society: Food. That's how the domain name was born.
A 3D food printer is a extremely useful product that everyone at home - as well as in space - can put to good use at any time. A 3D food printer makes a great gift, too.

It's absolutely great, imagine to only add powder, flavor and vitamins, press the button for the desired shape and voilĂ , fresh fruit shaped the way you like it, right out of the printer.

No more dependency on farmers, no more backbreaking work in the garden, fighting little critters who trying to eat or damage your carefully grown fruit trees. Not to mention the convenience for people - to old or frail -
not having to go shopping for fruits anymore.

The domain is now available for sale. Any manufacturer of 3DFruitprinters would be dying of envy to own such a unique domain name and now they can. is for sale now. To own this absolutely fantastic domain name, all you need to do is to buy it now, make an offer or place your bid today.  

To know more about food and fruit printing visit this site here.
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