New Site Design July 2015
As you might have noticed we have redesigned our site. Before committing to our new design we have made a record of the old site and set it to music. This way you can always come back and check on recorded domain sales all the way back to December 2012, (courtesy of
I liked my old site a lot and the ease in which I could work on it, (Godaddy website builder) but my Alexa rating had fallen and it was not in the eyes of Goggle 'mobile.friendly'.
Still, if you want to compare the two sites go ahead, and please let me know what you think. Our new site (Design by, Powered by should be way faster and much easier to navigate and yes it now is mobile friendly.
To see (and listen to) the way it used to look please click on the picture below.
QuickTime Recorded June 24, 2015.
Children of the Forest Steve Reid (5:35)

I would love to hear your opinion, please leave a comment. Thank you.

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