Very Short Domains

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In a world where short domain names are king, because people otherwise might forget them, we are happy to offer a few four letter words of our own. While it amazes me with what strange domain names people sometimes come up with just to create a short name, I realize that I am equally guilty, for good reason though, of registering short domains that have not been discovered yet.

Who is to say that a four letter word, not easy to find in the domain marketplace, could not be an abbreviations for a four word company name, a four word sport or social event, somebody’s name, an industrial code, some civic association, club or new product. While I do not want to start giving suggestions for the use of our short domains,  I am confident that one or more of our domains, even those containing numbers, are exactly right for some specific web site.

There are most likely many entrepreneurs out there who might love a particular four letter domain word to be incorporated into their logos, letterheads and to be used for advertising. But often either the name is unavailable or owned by a squatter/domainer who parks the domain for income and will not let it go unless a high enough offer is made.

Our domain auctions start at minimum cost with a low reserve. We really like you to own the domain you want and let the market place, through the auction bidding process at any accredited domain broker house, decide its final value. Of course if you must have a particular domain right away, make an offer we can't refuse.
On the other side of the short domain name spectrum are  new, inexperienced  start-ups, who must have a domain name, no matter what. They don't spend money on the right, short domain and thus constrict long, strange, search engine unfriendly, hyper-hyphenated domains, that makes you think, 'what were they thinking'. To top it, the newly created 'company' domain name than gets plastered to the back end of a vehicle, thus creating IT-cowboy-mass-media-bumper-sticker-shock. All intentionally, of course.
In order to retain our readers base, who, I hope, are a nice bunch of sane, cool headed entrepreneurs, trend setters, future leaders and job creators who would never dream up such redundant escapades, we offer just a few, clean, four letter words that will make sense and use to some, so we hope, and now are available for purchase to anyone looking for short premium TLDs or ccTLDs.

When a short domain name fits the purpose, 
a four letter word is a beautiful thing.