Please forward.

Variety is undoubtedly one of the many aspects of the Internet. 

The scope of ratings and rankings by Google, Alexa and various rating agencies, as well as individual reviews, are unlimited. And if you not on top, you just drown. That's currently about to happen with

At Domain-inventory I always have tried to add to that variety by not specializing in any particular category, i.e., GEO domains, or suffix like the dot-com. Our domain categories are designed to fit websites for commerce, trade, entertainment, travel, finance and much more.

The use of my short domain names can be applied to just about any enterprise, company or start-up. The somewhat longer key-word loaded domains are designed to fit matching business and corporation.

Because I want to offer variety, our domain extensions include original top-level domains, available since 2008. The most relevant European country code, like dot-de and others, as well as a few generic extension, have been added over time.

As 2018 is just around the corner many domains in my inventory will see a ten-year anniversary.

Hence, Domain-inventory is about to go belly up. The taxman, the government department that collects the tax, will no longer keep up with me and my year after year losses, which have accumulated for Domain-inventory from 2008 onwards.

The reason for Domain-inventory's failure is, that my domains don't sell. I blame it on a lack of traffic and exposure, despite expensive ads and promotions. Bickering back-and-forth communications with Google as to what I can add to a website (domain farming - but hey, I sell domains!)  and refusal by sedo by not willing to list my domains (not meeting their criteria) in an upcoming auction (now you can but for a fee).
As much as I love the domain business and have tried the many ways of promoting it, any real high dollar sales just never materialized.

Comparing other confirmed domain sales as listed by DNJournal to my domain inventory and pointing to more reasonable sales prices did not help me to get sales going. 

Offering domains at sedo, after they let you list them with a fee, did not help either. Sedo auctions were a total flop, and even worst at flippa, were a bid of USD 25 seems to be the highest that market could do for my domains I listed with them.

Even announcements of sales events starting at a minimum of 99 USD did nothing to get people out and bid on what I had to offer.

I can't even begin to guess how many hours I had to spend tweeting my websites,, and, posting on facebooktwitter, (16.8K tweets), Google+Pinterest and lately also on LinkedIn. It was no use.

The monetary loss that occurred over the last eight years came from domain renewal, as required if the domain was to stay in my possession, auction fees, and from money spent on advertising and promotion with Google's AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and sedo.

Also, money thrown at website developers for a 'better' and functional site did not bring the desired results or the badly needed increase in exposure or my site's Internet traffic and search engine ranking.

I understand that a business should show a profit after a reasonable start-up time and I know that my 'Finanzamt,' in Germany, (the German entity for IRS in the U.S.) is losing patience. Because I did not make a profit, they think is a hobby.

But now, at the dawn of 2018, it not only looks like that my domain business is insolvent, worse, I also have to pay back what the taxman allowed domain-inventory since 2008 (!) for business deduction and expenses, plus penalties.

Since 2008 the amount of business deduction and expenses plus penalty exceeds EUR 50,000. Unfortunately as a small business I am personal accountable for the loss. 

The only thing that can save me is domain sales; even a single substantial transaction would protect Domain-inventory from disappearing altogether.

I have tried for almost ten years to make money with my domains because I believe they are quality domains; now I only have 28 days to show a profit before I am out of the picture.

My plea to all those start-ups, venture groups, Investors, CEOs and possibly you, the reader, is to buy a domain from Domain-inventory. If I can show that there is a market for my Internet real estate and can prove it with a single or several sales, the Taxman might let me off the hook.

Now, if you don't need a domain, I can understand that. But if you forward this cry for help to someone else who again might do the same, I might get enough traffic, until someone out there is precisely looking for that unique and just right domain, from Domain-inventory.

The variety I have touched on before is here. From only EUR 500 to EUR 50,000, there are unique domains for sale here not available anywhere else. 

There are three easy ways of acquiring a domain:
1) Place a bid. The domain sells to the highest bidder after a seven-day auction.
​2) Make an offer. Any offer might be accepted or met with a counter offer.
3) Buy outright. Pay the asking price, and you own it after confirmed payment.

My domains are listed with, accepting bids starting at only EUR 90. 
Or contact a domain broker of your choice. 

It's doubtful that I will survive the call from the taxman, but in case I should, you will be able to enjoy exclusive offers, live auctions and blog comments as I have done since 2008.

If not, it's Hasta La Vista, baby.

Thank you for your consideration.

Two-word Domains

The first thing I do when DNJournal publishes the latest domain sales, I am looking for sold two-word domain names.

The highest reported domain sales for Mon. Nov. 27, 2017 - Sun. Dec. 3, 2017, show exciting results.

Besides (not two words) sold for a healthy $265,000, we have more reasonable prices for keyword enhanced domains. a keyword enhanced domain sold for $17,500. (why I did not think of this?) went for $16,000. is a little obscure a name but got $15,000.

Thus we have three domains listed in the top 20 for the above period going for a nice little sum.

Below the $10,000 mark, we have at $6,250, $6,100 $5,555 $5,500
and a really long one, selling for $3,600.

Other than the dot-com above there is €10,000 = $11,800 AUD 8,000 = $6,080
and K√∂ (IDN) €2,200 = $2,596.

The above-confirmed sales are a good indicator, of where the market is at and what people are willing to pay for them.

It also can serve to zoom in one's price demand and gives any potential buyer a fair indication of what to expect to pay for similar internet real estate.

The next sales advisory by DNJournal should be out in a few days, let's have a look than where the domain market is heading.

Thanks to DNJournal.

French Domain Names

This week we feature our French Domain Names in today's Domain Blog: Votre nom de domaine .fr .be .com.

The HOME page.

Any comments? We'll love to hear from you.

The new Domain-inventory

Domain-inventory has changed its website and blog to WIX. The screenshot above shows what my HOME page looks like now. If you follow us (thank you) and would like to stay with the latest domain news and updates, please visit our new blog and any of our 27 pages at now. Thank you.

New Look

As you might have noticed, Domain-inventory's look has changed. Every page opens now to a video that runs for a few seconds. 

We now offer 28 web pages, a blog, information on domain sales, transfers, cost and listings categorized by top level, country code and generic domain extension.

To check on prices just click/touch on any domain name or copy and paste a domain name into your browser. All our domains are now on a buy-it-now basis. 

Our domains are listed for sale with, To assist you with sales related questions.  Please contact the domain broker of your choice to ask for assistance with any purchase.

For comments or more information about any of the domains for sale at Domain-inventory, please contact me.

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