LIVE February Auctions

This page has been updated on February 23. 
Latest LIVE Flippa auctions are now here.
Often, the beginning of the year is used to start something great. Plans for start-ups, websites and new business are now put into action. We like to help by providing the domain names that best suit your endeavors.

We provide to anyone the opportunity to acquire the right domain. From very short four letter domains to KEY WORD loaded  domains, you have the possibility to bid on the domain that's right for you.

There are the two easy ways of buying domains.  

Each of the domains listed below are currently LIVE in auctions at Flippa. An auction may run for up to 30 days (or less) and so provide plenty of time to bid on it

Once you have placed your bid, Flippa will notify you if someone else did the same. If their bid is higher than yours, you should increase your bid to stay in the game. Several bidders may outbid each other until the scheduled end of the auction. Unless the domain is bought outright.

The other way of acquiring a domain is to buy it outright. 

This is done very often and ends an auction right away. All you need to do, is to offer an (acceptable) price and the auction ends immediately. Payment is secured through escrow and the domain is transferred into your namre and to the registrar of your choice.
The domains listed below are currently in LIVE auctions as you read this. Place a bid, make an offer or buy outright now. You'll be glad you did.
Domain-inventory owns hundred of top level domain names. You can see our inventory at Flippa right here. Here too, a domain can be bought outright for a set price or you can place a bid to start an auction.
  • Because all of our domains have top level extensions they can be used for a global, international or multi-lingual site. However any domain can also be forwarded to other up and running sites to increase Google traffic and Alexa rating. You can use it for branded email or to redirect to another Web location of your choice.
For any questions you may have please contact me of a domain broker of your choice.

Thank you.