Tatoo.io is for sale at sedo. 

Appraisal Estibot Value USD$ 6,300 Avg. 
Search Results: 100,000,000 Avg. 
Monthly searches 9,125,600

Search Google for tatoo brings up 11.800.000 results! 

DNJournal.com reports the following dot-io sales in 2017:
  • Security.io $15,000 Park.io/Flippa April 5 2017
  • Robo.io $12,500 Sedo February 8 2017
  • Calculator.io $7,500 Park.io April 5 2017
  • Rapid.io $7,000 Park.io April 5 2017
  • Pepper.io $6,250 Park.io 4/5/17
  • Expand.io $5,250 Park.io April 5 2017
Sales of dot-io Domains (2016): 
  • Taste.io 5;000 USD
  • Movie.io $4,000 USD 
  • Swap.io $5,100 USD 
  • Money.io $7,300 USD 
  • Drip.io $4,500 USD 
  • Die.io $5,000 USD 
  • Tanks.io $8,000 USD 
  • Systems.io $5,500 USD
The domain Tatoo.io is still available today, but Tatoo is taken in the following Extension: com, net, org, info, biz and us.  

Registrar: GoDaddy - Godaddy.com 
First Registered: 2015-06-29 

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