The Perfect Domain

Find and Use a perfect domain to:

1) Link to a website, 2) better your ranking, 3) increase traffic.

Software designers, website developers, and other IT professionals know how the web works, understand the constant changes and quickly and efficiently adjust websites for maximum results, i.e., maintain a high ranking and lots of traffic.

What if you are a successful professional but not exactly a highly specialized IT person? This article is for you, (even if you do have an IT department).

  • 1) To link another website also called linking, just means, a domain does not resolve to its proper name but leads to another website. Let me give you an almost classic example.

The domain does not open as a website called It resolves as was bought in 2007 for USD 35 million for just that purpose - to link to

  • 2) Ranking has two values, one for global ranking, another one for ranking in the United States or any other country. Ranking means merely worldwide popularity and popularity in any particular country. 

Let's check the ranking for At the time of this writing, Apple had a global ranking of 65 and a United States ranking of 33. Go to, to see the ranking for your website.

  • 3) Traffic Statistics gives you in-depth information on where you stand with your website. It reveals where your site traffic is coming from by country and city, how long someone stays on your site and other useful information. You can check the traffic for your site here. (That's Alexa again).

The above serves to point to the importance to link a domain for the purpose of increasing traffic and ranking for your site. As a successful business owner you neither want or need a new website, (unless you decide to do so). Linking can definitely help you to improve sales, revenue and bottom line through your website.
For start-ups it's easy. All you need is the right domain name.  Domain Your Business with a perfect domain. Your most important message to the world is your website domain name. A domain name can be your online address regardless of whether or when you build a website for your online presence. You can use it for your start-up or redirect to another Web location of your choice. A domain name is the best way to establish yourself online - with or without a website.

Each day about 140,000 websites are added.* Here we offer a choice of hundreds of domain names that could be right for you. Our domains are KEYWORD loaded domains with the top level extension like dot-com and country code domains like 

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*(at least during 2012). A survey by Netcraft in 2012 showed that the total number of websites launched in 2012 were 51 million, i.e., ~140,000 per day.