Two-word Domains

The first thing I do when DNJournal publishes the latest domain sales, I am looking for sold two-word domain names.

The highest reported domain sales for Mon. Nov. 27, 2017 - Sun. Dec. 3, 2017, show exciting results.

Besides (not two words) sold for a healthy $265,000, we have more reasonable prices for keyword enhanced domains. a keyword enhanced domain sold for $17,500. (why I did not think of this?) went for $16,000. is a little obscure a name but got $15,000.

Thus we have three domains listed in the top 20 for the above period going for a nice little sum.

Below the $10,000 mark, we have at $6,250, $6,100 $5,555 $5,500
and a really long one, selling for $3,600.

Other than the dot-com above there is €10,000 = $11,800 AUD 8,000 = $6,080
and Kö (IDN) €2,200 = $2,596.

The above-confirmed sales are a good indicator, of where the market is at and what people are willing to pay for them.

It also can serve to zoom in one's price demand and gives any potential buyer a fair indication of what to expect to pay for similar internet real estate.

The next sales advisory by DNJournal should be out in a few days, let's have a look than where the domain market is heading.

Thanks to DNJournal.