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Would you please make an offer or place a bid for the domain of your liking through SedoGoDaddy, or Uniregistry? Our domains are for sale through domain brokers and auction markets and registered with ICANN. You can also buy directly from Domain-inventory; PayPal accepted.

This site contains relevant domain information for website addresses that might be of interest to you. You can create an internet site with a website title that is exactly right for your business by using one or more domains.

Forwarding a related domain name to your up-and-running website might greatly benefit your success, website traffic, and Google ranking. Please browse our site or use the domain search feature to find the domain that suits your endeavors and fits your site's content.

When visiting our website, you have immediate access to sections and categories of interest for your endeavors in the language of your choice. For the fastest search results, choose your language, like English, German or French, or go straight to the extension like dot-comdot-de, or the suffix that suits you best.

Once you have found the name that's right for you, please get in touch with the domain broker of your choice or contact me at Domain-inventory to assist with your purchase. All our domains are ICANN-registered.

While our inventory lists domains with buy-now options at a fixed price, you can also offer or place a bid to start a domain auction.

Be assured that none of the domains we offer for sale has ever been used for a website and is as unique as you would want it to be. Transfer to the domain broker or a host of your choice will be arranged safely and swiftly supported by escrow by the professional domain broker you choose.

Additional website addresses are available at

This undeveloped domain,, can become a handy website address to find and pinpoint pharmacies anywhere in the European Union. As 'Apotheke' is the German word for Pharmacy, it would be especially applicable to German-speaking countries Austria, Switzerland, and Germany., a similar English language version, is also for sale. Please visit a domain broker or the blog at to get more info.

Diese Domäne kann eine praktische Website-Adresse sein, um Apotheken überall in der Europäischen Union zu lokalisieren. Da Apotheke such ebenfalls das Wort für Pharmazie ist, wäre es insbesondere in allen deutschsprachigen Ländern, wie Österreich, der Schweiz und in Deutschland, anwendbar., eine ähnliche englischsprachige Version, steht ebenfalls zum Verkauf. Um mehr Informationen zu erhalten, besuchen Sie bitte einen Domain-Broker oder das Blog unter

Also, for sale:
Website - Blog HOME - Facebook - twitter - Pinterest - LinkedIn

is one of three Orlando domains available. 

The other two are:
  • All three are undeveloped 'vintage' domain names, perfect for creating a website or forwarding and linking to an Orlando-relevant site. 
The domains are easy to remember and pronounce, best suffix dot-coms, perfect to grace the top of a website with Orlando content.

Make an offer, place a bid, or buy now. Please contact a domain broker or me.

More information is available on our blog at

New York, N.Y

We love North America, and it shows.

Visit our blog at to see the entire inventory of New York / USA / Canada domains.

Over a dozen top-level domains to cover any imaginable subject about the Big Apple offers the possibility to have a website address that fits your theme, interest, or profession.

Quite a few top-level country code domains for the German language market could serve travel agencies, promoters, and tour operators. is for sale. is a vintage undeveloped domain name.

To acquire this gamer website address, don't hesitate to contact a domain broker or - the site you are looking at right now has over one hundred exciting blog postings.


Historical domain information, sales, and blog entries on this blog cover 2015 to 2019. Here, at, you'll find market comments, domain postings about paid and confirmed sales, domain background, statistics, footnotes by various domain brokers, and, naturally, lots of domains for sale.

Every posting includes a logo. Furthermore, you can view a beautiful, complete collection of my domain name logos located on Pinterest

There are also 23 YouTube videos - a valuable historical record of weekly domain sales, excellent for checking on domain sales nine years to 2010.

Our inventory

The right domain name, paired with relevant website content, 

is the formula for a successful website. 

Get yours at today.

English, German, French, Spanish or Dutch classic Top Level Domains:, or .info.
Or choose a country code, or .eu.

For attention getting domains we also offer generic and city, and .io

If you are looking to acquire the perfect English, GermanFrench, Spanish, or Dutch domain name, you have come to the right place. provides selected domains with top-level, country code, and generic domain extensions for eCommerce, business, trades, and services tailored to your endeavors.


  • If you're looking for the perfect domain name for your website, business, or services, you've come to the right place. 

Search our site for the proper domain name because what it takes to stay ahead of the competition is a content-relevant website address.

At Domain-inventory, you find English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch domain names for business and services. 
For eye-catching generic domain name endings, we also offer selected .club, .space, .berlin, .tokyo, .la, and .io extensions.

More at - visit today.

About us

About (

We have been selling vintage domain names since 2008. All our domains are either top-level domains, i.e., dot-com, or country-code domain names such as dot-de.

Our domains are listed, offered, and sold through auctions and direct buys through your favorite domain broker. 

If you have a website about New York, it would be best to have a keyword domain, like

If your business were selling saris from India, a name like would be perfect for promoting and selling saris over the Internet.

Likewise, a domain called would be perfect for ... ? Exactly.

Domain names like 

and other such keyword-loaded domains are now back in demand, such as 

They do not require an explanation of what their business is all about.

You can use such a domain to either build a new start-up business or use/link to an up and running site. Linking will result in higher search engine ranking, and more traffic, which is vital since over 1 billion websites are today.

Our approach always has been that a domain name should reflect a particular category, profession, location, or service. We are even combining two or three words to give the domain more clarity and definition for its type.

Sometimes you have to say what you want because doesn't always make any sense.

We also have some unique, short domains for sale.

and many more. If you are interested, please buy outright, place a bid or make an offer. There are more of the latest updates, current auctions, and domain sales lists at

There are two easy ways to acquire a domain name. 
  • First, if a domain you like is in an auction, you can place a bid. Second, a Domain not in an auction has a set price and can be bought outright. 
  • Alternatively, you can make an offer. The domains are for sale with buy-now prices and drive offer prices. Don't hesitate to contact sedo or me with any questions you may have.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Domain availability is subject to prior sale.