This domain is for sale.

High Tech Jets offer:
  • state of the art
  • unparalleled performance 
  • long-range 
  • supersonic speed
  • innovative technology 
  • fuel efficiency 
  • best-in-class 
  • powerful radar 
  • unique design 
  • aerodynamic maneuverability 
  • high-quality quality 
  • exquisite materials
  • luxurious leathers and fabrics 
  • custom-tailored 
  • exciting innovations  
  • smooth ride
For more information, please contact the domain broker of your choice.

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This domain is for sale.

GPS - Global Positioning System.

Telecommunication Directions Tracking.

  • The first GPS launch was in 1978.
  • 38 operating satellites in orbit.
  • 3 billion military, civil, and commercial users.
  • Information in all weather conditions.
  • Service to civilian and military users.
  • Directions across multiple platforms.
  • Smartphone Link Compatible.
  • Enabling businesses.
  • International support.
  • Multilingual Communications.
GPSWorldnet.com was first registered on 2008-08-21 and is not developed.
The domain has never been used for a website. You are buying a top-level vintage domain with the best, top-level extension dot-com.
Directions all the time, anytime, anywhere.

Pokemon Go Is Taking Over The World using GPS Technology!

One of a Kind.

One of a kind

One of a kind

One of a kind.

On my way to the office the other day, I listened to comments on the radio about the sale of Picasso's "Women of Algiers."

The painting auctioned for $160 m (£102.6 m) at Christie's in New York on Monday, May 11, 2015.

One comment caught my attention. The radio commentator mentioned that there is just only one and no other painting like that in the world, so bidders realized that they could not just walk away and buy another one.

So buyers just kept on bidding until it reached $160 m, setting a record as the most money ever paid for a painting.

As a domainer, it's easy to comprehend the bidding that had occurred at Christie's auction yesterday.

Elsewhere, and earlier this year, Qihoo, a Chinese Internet security company, paid $17 Million for 360.com. In 2015!

360.com and Picasso’s "Women of Algiers"​.​

It might be years, if ever before either one of these rare items is offered for sale again. A domain, as well as a work of art, is one of a kind and well worth the Price.

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Do you really want it?

Do you really want it?

Of course, you would like to own the domain. That's why you placed your bid.

What are you going to do if you can't get it? What if someone is constantly bidding higher and outbidding you? 

That someone might not even be human.

A bid robot might be what you up against, a 'machine' that bids higher, immediately and whenever you or someone else has placed a bid. This happens and speeds up often in the very last seconds of an auction, leaving lower bids behind.

  • To protect yourself against such hi-tech bid wars and to protect you from bidding over and above what you initially were willing to pay, decide before placing your first bid how high you want to go. 

Due to high popularity and other factors, a top-level domain might increase in price very rapidly during an auction. Setting your top amount, i.e., what you willing to pay, right from the beginning gives you a better chance to win the auction, meaning you are not being outbid by a 'bot' or another buyer.

In the last seconds of an auction, even during the very last second, things might happen so fast that the domain you have set your mind on getting snatched.

By placing the highest possible amount at the outset, your money is protected because a bid can only go up so much each time, as explained below.

At sedo, a current domain auction price of $100.00 will increase by only $10.00 each time a higher bid is made. Once the domain is bid up to $500.00, the increase is $50.00 each time - and a domain auction having been bid up to $2.500.00 will increase by $100.00 increment until the domain reaches $10.000.00.

By ordering an upper limit for 'your' domain, your buying intentions are protected right from the outset, you are not prematurely priced out of the auction, and you have excellent chances to win the domain. 

That is if you really want it.

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