Saturday, December 17, 2016 with new levels of immersion and usability is a  real quality domain with a top-level extension and powerful expression. Unique Domains like this one are one of a kind and just not available anywhere. Don't miss out. This is your chance to own a prime piece of Internet real estate.

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For questions or additional information and assistance, please contact a domain broker.Google search results for VR: 550.000.000 results.Google search results for VR Player: 15.700.000 results.

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Creation Date: 2016-07-29

Friday, September 09, 2016

  • Ce nom de domaine (sans site Internet) est proposé à la vente par le propriétaire sur la place de marché de Sedo.

Bureau d'enregistrement : GANDI
Date de création : 10 septembre 2013

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Friday, September 02, 2016

Electronics Domains

Electronics Domains

Electronics Domains

We have listed some of our Domains related to electronics and related domain for professionals, industry leaders and decision-makers.

These top-level and top-level country code domain might be of interest for Business and start-up ventures.

The domains listed below are available for immediate purchase at the respective broker (sedo) or directly from me at

To get a free Price Quote, please click on a Domain link below.
For any additional Information, please contact a domain broker or contact me.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016



There are many end-users out there, who buy reasonable priced KEYWORDS domains, to forgo obscure, cloaked and overpriced NNNN and LLLL.

Case in point as reported this week by issue for Monday, August 15, 2016. An absolute terrible name, the experts would agree, selling for a 'wham' USD 12,377 (sedo) and the site is currently not even online, and is listed 'under construction' (still as of March 17, 2019). I can almost taste the Keywords ‘Sale’, ‘Management’ and ‘Software’ on this beautiful name. 

Google it, and you get 38.300.000 search returns!! Heaven! What could be better? is such a fine and brilliant domain name with a high and just sales price that anyone who might have thought about ditching their long domains in desperation now can rejoice in the fact, that sanity has returned to the market. (As of March 17, 2007, the domain is back on the market through

However, wait, there is more where. In the same issue another three-word sale is reported. sold for USD 9,000 (Allied Internet Solutions), and as of March17, 2019 is up and running.  The domain resolved to the same domain name with a suffix,, which is another (!) three-word domain. Interesting how the dot-com Version settles into the site. 

Another extended domain, this time it is a four word (gasp!) extended domain. has been sold for USD 6,000 (Domainmarket). (Listed at WIX but nor developed as of March 17, 2019).  Also, sedo sold for USD 2,500. (under construction as of March17, 2019).

Somebody must have shouted: ’Stop the insanity’ because at the same time it is noticeable that for this period no visible LLLL or NNNN domain sales took place. At least non are listed at DNJournal.

There may have been many other similar transactions as those above, private sales and unreported deals.

It can be taken as a bright beacon on the horizon for an upside down domain market. The increasing confusion that prevailed and still prevails among potential but confused end-users now seems to be coming to an end.

Today's domain registrars make it very easy to find a suitable domain for any business by just searching for Keywords and suffix on their site. Don’t gravitate to a domain unrelated to your business, nor follow novelty trends in entirely unfitting extensions.

Get the name you need and always wanted with the dot-com extension. Your sales figures and website traffic will prove you right.
Don’t settle for novelty, non-fitting domain extensions, (like .xyz) sounding out-of-place making you look less serious about running a business or operating web based internet services.

In peoples mind, the business extension dot-com is ingrained as secure and reliable. It should be your first choice when it comes to any global or even local internet site.

Don’t take chances with just any domain name. Choose a name that fits your business and the only one that’s entirely right for you. No matter how long the domain might be. Secure at least one Keyword in your domain. If you chose wisely, it could make all the difference for Google search results.

For your site to be found, being bookmarked and attract lots of traffic, your business should be mirrored in your domain name, and your domain name should reflect your business, too.

With millions of domain names out there, it should not be too complicated to find the one that’s right for you. 

Even if there are not NNNN.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016 is for sale. Google Average Monthly search results for Seaside, Florida  58.700.000. (April 2019). Seaside is an unincorporated master-planned community on the Florida panhandle in Walton County, between Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida.

  • Are you selling homes and real estate in the beautiful community of Seaside in Florida? Here's your domain. Use for branded email or redirect to another Web location of your choice. A domain name related to your real estate agency is the best way to establish yourself online - with or without a website.

Named the best beach on earth for families, can help you buy, sell and lease homes in this most beautiful area in the Florida panhandle. Place your bid, make an offer or buy it now. This is a ten-year old 'vintage' domain!

Creation Date: 2008-08-24 

Registrar: Omnis Network, LLC 

Seaside, Florida, it's a different world - clean, neat, picturesque. Arriving in Florida's panhandle, one would not go and except something so lovely. Florida always had a few surprises when it came to new residential developments. 

Most of them, when there was still enough space, was built when it was possible to create the town without disturbing nature — with something for every taste and budget.

The one thing that made the place unique was the fact that it was smack right on the beach. Not in the Everglades, not in Orlando and not in Miami. The special about this beach location was that it was built (in the early 80') a bit up from the beach, only a few feet or so, but enough to protect the properties and the town from off rising water. Not on the dunes, mind you but on an occurring natural rise in the land. Moreover, facing south, so sunshine if you want it all day long.

Cruising through the town of Seaside it wasn't right away clear what the developers wanted to achieve, but a look back to the beginnings and history of seaside made it clear why this was a special place indeed.

According to the builder, it is the first community in Florida where all homes are built in such a way so that they can withstand hurricane winds. The slight set back from the waterfront with the remaining dunes acting as a buffer zone can protect properties better than homes built directly on the beach.

Any homeowner who invests hardly earned money will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that the home cannot be swept away with some strong winds as has happened elsewhere along beaches in the sunshine state.

As we are slowly cruising through the streets of this pedestrian-friendly town, we noted how lovely the signs and names of the homes were affixed on the outside, almost like a little present, with every house different from the next, in a variety of colors and a beautiful heap of individuality.

Parking the car and walking toward the beach, we had an excellent view of the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the elevated location away and above from shore. Going back into the town center there was a woman in front of a house. 'Where are you from'? we ask 'and why seaside'? 'We're from Texas' she replied, and added ' where else can you let your kids ride around the street on a bike.'

If you like to acquire this domain, place a bid, make an offer or buy it outright. 

For questions, please contact a domain broker of your choice or me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Saris of India is for sale
Make an offer or place a bid today.

Creation Date: 2008-08-14
Registrar: Omnis Network, LLC

Search for SARIS and Google returns 35.800.000 results.

A sari, saree, or Shari is a female garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards (4.5 meters to 8 meters) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist,with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

There are various styles of sari draping,the most common being the Nivi style,which originated in Andhra Pradesh.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Domain For Sale
Click on the logo for a price quotation.

Creation Date: 2008-08-10

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Friday, July 15, 2016 is for sale.A must-have Domain for travel agents, tour operators and reservation centers selling flights, hotels, and vacations in and to Croatia.

        Google Search for CROATIA: 372.000.000 results! Average Monthly (June 2016) Search Results for CROATIA: 1.220.000!
          Registrar URL: 
            Created Date: 2013-07-02 

              Are you a tour operator offering Croatia and the places listed below? Do you want to attract more business to a country that' s already coined The new French Riviera and How the Côte d'Azur used to be? Can you tell that vacationers are looking for safe destinations? If you answer yes to all the above, the domain (and some domains listed below), now can be in your possession in no time at all.

              The KEYWORDS of the domain are designed to attract maximum website visitors. Whether you are starting a new company, or are the CEO of a busy travel agency, the domain results in more business, without having to spend more on adverting, simple by launching a website. 

              Here are some major attractions of Croatia:
              • The island of Brac
              • Brijuni National Park
              • Dubrovnik
              • Elafiti islands
              • Euphrasian Basilica
              • Gornji Grad
              • Hvar Town
              • Istria
              • Korcula
              • Kopački Rit Nature Park
              • The Makarska Riviera
              • Mount Medvednica
              • Osijek
              • Plitvice Lakes National Park
              • Pula Rijeka
              • Rovinj
              • Split
              • Varaždin
              • Vis
              • Vukovar
              • Zadar
              • Zagreb
              • Zagorje
              Make an offer, place a bid or buy outright.

              Also available:

              Und für den deutschsprachigen Raum:


              Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

                                                                                Thank you.

                                                                                Sunday, July 03, 2016




                                                                                Diese Domain steht zum Verkauf.

                                                                                Click here for the English language sale page
                                                                                Google-Suchwort URLAUB ergibt 94.600.000 Ergebnisse.

                                                                                Europa, Nordamerika, Karibik, Südamerika, Afrika, Naher & Mittlerer Osten, Asien & Australien, Pazifik.  Egal ob Sie sich auf ein Ziel einer Urlaubsregion, ein Land oder alle Kontinente spezialisiert haben, ist der perfekte Domainname für erfolgreiche ReiseunternehmenVeranstalter und Anbieter.

                                                                                Ein idealer Domainname für:
                                                                                • Urlaubsportale
                                                                                • Urlaubsangebote
                                                                                • Urlaubshotels
                                                                                • Pauschalreisen
                                                                                • All-Inklusiv-Reisen
                                                                                • Last-Minute-Angebote
                                                                                • Frühbucher-Reisen
                                                                                • Traumreisen
                                                                                • Städtereisen,
                                                                                • Ferienwohnungen
                                                                                • Kreuzfahrten
                                                                                • Rundreisen,
                                                                                • Mietwagen
                                                                                • Winterurlaub
                                                                                • Kurzurlaub
                                                                                • Wellnessurlaub
                                                                                Sie haben schon eine eigene Domain und Webseite? Domainnamen mit den richtigen KEYWORDS (Schlagwörtern) können auch viel dazu beitragen, dass eine Suche nach URLAUB die Ergebnisse auf die eigene Seite leitet.
                                                                                Unser Domainname hilft Ihrem Unternehmen genau das zu tun. Machen Sie ein Angebot oder kaufen Sie direkt von sedo.
                                                                                Reg. Datum: 03.07.2013

                                                                                Eine sedo Premium Domain.

                                                                                Auch im Angebot:

                                                                                Saturday, July 02, 2016




                                                                       (French: Erotic Designs) is for sale.

                                                                                Hot French Language Domain Perfect for Magazine, Book, Illustrations or Blog. A French Language nom de domaine with a top-level dot-com extension!

                                                                                Make an offer, place your bid or buy the domain right away.

                                                                                Google search for Dessins-Erotique returns 2.810.000 results.

                                                                       can be used for some suggestions listed below, or to increase traffic and Google ranking by linking this domain to another related website.

                                                                                The domain name, by its nature, will attract much traffic. So whatever the new owner will do with it, success is guaranteed. Some suggestions for use are listed below.

                                                                                The domain could, amongst other things, be used for:
                                                                                • Art and Artist Galleries,
                                                                                • Magazines, Books, and Illustrations,
                                                                                • Advertising, 
                                                                                • Catalogs, 
                                                                                • Consumer Goods,
                                                                                • Fictions, 
                                                                                • Poems,
                                                                                • Sculptures Exhibitions,
                                                                                • Museums Paintings,
                                                                                • in the Media, 
                                                                                • for a blog or website.
                                                                                • In Fashion, 
                                                                                • Design and Architecture.
                                                                       is 7 years old and is a vintage domain having never been used for any website.

                                                                                While two-word domains are selling well, fetching between $9,999 and $25,000 as recent as January 2017, it is worthwhile to note, that even hyphenated domains too, have been holding their ground as the confirmed sales show below. (courtesy DNJournal).
                                                                                • €50,000 = $53,500 sedo 4/12/17
                                                                                • €8,925 = $9,461 sedo 2 /15/17
                                                                                • sold for $19,420 by sedo on sold 7/7/16 .
                                                                                • sold for €11,900 = $13,090 by sedo on 2/24/16
                                                                                • sold for €9,900 = $11,088 by sedo on 5/13/15
                                                                                • sold for €15,000 = $20,250 by sedo on 7/24/14
                                                                                Registered with
                                                                                Creation Date: April 8, 2010

                                                                                The domain has a low buy-it-now price and will be transferred free of charge into your name at your free OMNIS account.

                                                                                For questions or comments, please contact the domain broker of your choice or me.

                                                                                Saturday, June 25, 2016




                                                                       is for sale at sedo.

                                                                                Google Casino and you get 230.000.000 results! Average Monthly search for Casino: 1,000,000.

                                                                                Registrar: OMNIS NETWORK, LLC (
                                                                                Creation Date: 15-Jul-2008

                                                                       is a sedo Premium Domain. 

                                                                                Tuesday, June 21, 2016




                                                                       is for sale at sedo

                                                                                A single word, Quality, Top Level Domain, pointing to a Los Angeles Location.

                                                                                Create your own L.A. Entertainment Website with this .LA Domain.

                                                                                Google's search results for stage pass: 495.000.000
                                                                                Creation Date: 2013-07-09

                                                                                Buy-now, make an offer or place a bid today.

                                                                                Also, available:
                                                                       is a sedo Premium Domain.

                                                                                L.A. is the second-largest city in the United States after New York City.

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