According to DNJournal.com many sold domains are very short including LLLLs, LLNNs and the like. For end-users, investors, business, and start-ups looking for this kind of top Domain names, here is a list of very short domains available for sale. For more info click on any domain name below.

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To learn more, click on a name below.
  1. AQ21.com
  2. AYT1.com
  3. CA1TV.com
  4. CTB1.com
  5. EQSat.com
  6. e1Tec.com
  7. FVR4.com
  8. iaSat.com
  9. i10TV.com
  10. ISK1.com
  11. KTG1.com
  12. OOIJU.com
  13. TV-17.com
  14. TV-22.com
  15. XHS1.com
  16. i1000.de 
  17. L360.de 
  18. TV19.de 
  19. TV27.de 
  20. U360.de
  21. y360.de
  22. i1000.eu
  23. NY1.eu 
  24. PG1.eu
  25. e360.us 
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