is for sale at sedo. is a very short, easy to remember, Top Level, dot-com domain.   

Creation Date: 24-Sep-2008

According to people in the know, many sold domains today are very short including LLLLs, LLNNs and the like.

For end-users, investors, business, and start-ups looking for this kind of unique domain names, here, besides, is a list of very short domains also available for sale.

To make your domain purchase easy, the domains below are all listed with fixed, Buy Now Prices. Sedo is using escrow for a secure and safe domain transfer and accepts Credit Cards and PayPal for payment.
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Alternatively, you can contact a sedo or any broker of your choice to learn more about premium domains for sale, to make an offer or to negotiate a purchase. 

Secure escrow service and assistance with domain transfer are provided at no additional charge to you, the buyer. 

Also available at sedo:
Make an offer now or place a bid today. is a sedo Premium Domain. 
All other domains listed above are also sedo Premium Domains.