Saturday, July 02, 2016

Dessins-Erotique (French: Erotic Designs) is for sale.

Hot French Language Domain Perfect for Magazine, Book, Illustrations or Blog. A French Language nom de domaine with a top-level dot-com extension!

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Google search for Dessins-Erotique returns 2.810.000 results. can be used for some suggestions listed below, or to increase traffic and Google ranking by linking this domain to another related website.

The domain name, by its nature, will attract much traffic. So whatever the new owner will do with it, success is guaranteed. Some suggestions for use are listed below.

The domain could, amongst other things, be used for:
  • Art and Artist Galleries,
  • Magazines, Books, and Illustrations,
  • Advertising, 
  • Catalogs, 
  • Consumer Goods,
  • Fictions, 
  • Poems,
  • Sculptures Exhibitions,
  • Museums Paintings,
  • in the Media, 
  • for a blog or website.
  • In Fashion, 
  • Design and Architecture. is 7 years old and is a vintage domain having never been used for any website.

While two-word domains are selling well, fetching between $9,999 and $25,000 as recent as January 2017, it is worthwhile to note, that even hyphenated domains too, have been holding their ground as the confirmed sales show below. (courtesy DNJournal).
  • €50,000 = $53,500 sedo 4/12/17
  • €8,925 = $9,461 sedo 2 /15/17
  • sold for $19,420 by sedo on sold 7/7/16 .
  • sold for €11,900 = $13,090 by sedo on 2/24/16
  • sold for €9,900 = $11,088 by sedo on 5/13/15
  • sold for €15,000 = $20,250 by sedo on 7/24/14
Registered with
Creation Date: April 8, 2010

The domain has a low buy-it-now price and will be transferred free of charge into your name at your free OMNIS account.

For questions or comments, please contact the domain broker of your choice or me.