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Created Date: 2012-04-28

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Put this Domain to work to create a business/site network about German Business etiquette, culture, and communication.


  • A German Guide.
  • A German Business Portal, Forum, Club or Center.
  • An association to serve any type of Business or Enterprise.

A Website titled can provide competent and specific guidance and advice for German Business to lawyers, accountants, CEOs and multi-national Corporation. 

Find appropriate and suitable partners and representation for clients outside of Germany.

  • The top Level Extension dot-info lends itself in the most perfect way to an international clientele as does the globally recognized KEYWORDS German and Business.

The site can quickly adapt to any primary language.

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German Business: 300.000.000 results
German business info: 42.800.000 results
German: 1.410.000.000 results.
Business: results.
info: results

Average Monthly Searches, June 2016: 3,937,560. is a vintage Domain having first been registered in 2012 and never been used as a website other than being parked, generating income through affiliated links at sedo. You are buying a clean domain name ready to put to use for your intended purpose.

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Most recent 2015 sales for domains with a dot-info extension reflects the continued value of these Top Level Domains (TLDs):

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The above was reported by DNJournal.

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