Thursday, August 25, 2016



There are many end-users out there, who buy reasonable priced KEYWORDS domains, to forgo obscure, cloaked and overpriced NNNN and LLLL.

Case in point as reported this week by issue for Monday, August 15, 2016. An absolute terrible name, the experts would agree, selling for a 'wham' USD 12,377 (sedo) and the site is currently not even online, and is listed 'under construction' (still as of March 17, 2019). I can almost taste the Keywords ‘Sale’, ‘Management’ and ‘Software’ on this beautiful name. 

Google it, and you get 38.300.000 search returns!! Heaven! What could be better? is such a fine and brilliant domain name with a high and just sales price that anyone who might have thought about ditching their long domains in desperation now can rejoice in the fact, that sanity has returned to the market. (As of March 17, 2007, the domain is back on the market through

However, wait, there is more where. In the same issue another three-word sale is reported. sold for USD 9,000 (Allied Internet Solutions), and as of March17, 2019 is up and running.  The domain resolved to the same domain name with a suffix,, which is another (!) three-word domain. Interesting how the dot-com Version settles into the site. 

Another extended domain, this time it is a four word (gasp!) extended domain. has been sold for USD 6,000 (Domainmarket). (Listed at WIX but nor developed as of March 17, 2019).  Also, sedo sold for USD 2,500. (under construction as of March17, 2019).

Somebody must have shouted: ’Stop the insanity’ because at the same time it is noticeable that for this period no visible LLLL or NNNN domain sales took place. At least non are listed at DNJournal.

There may have been many other similar transactions as those above, private sales and unreported deals.

It can be taken as a bright beacon on the horizon for an upside down domain market. The increasing confusion that prevailed and still prevails among potential but confused end-users now seems to be coming to an end.

Today's domain registrars make it very easy to find a suitable domain for any business by just searching for Keywords and suffix on their site. Don’t gravitate to a domain unrelated to your business, nor follow novelty trends in entirely unfitting extensions.

Get the name you need and always wanted with the dot-com extension. Your sales figures and website traffic will prove you right.
Don’t settle for novelty, non-fitting domain extensions, (like .xyz) sounding out-of-place making you look less serious about running a business or operating web based internet services.

In peoples mind, the business extension dot-com is ingrained as secure and reliable. It should be your first choice when it comes to any global or even local internet site.

Don’t take chances with just any domain name. Choose a name that fits your business and the only one that’s entirely right for you. No matter how long the domain might be. Secure at least one Keyword in your domain. If you chose wisely, it could make all the difference for Google search results.

For your site to be found, being bookmarked and attract lots of traffic, your business should be mirrored in your domain name, and your domain name should reflect your business, too.

With millions of domain names out there, it should not be too complicated to find the one that’s right for you. 

Even if there are not NNNN.
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