Many end-users out there buy reasonably priced KEYWORDS domains to forgo obscure, cloaked, and overpriced NNNN and LLLL.

  • Today's domain registrars make it very easy to find a suitable domain for any business by searching for Keywords and suffixes on their site. Don't gravitate to a domain unrelated to your business, nor follow novelty trends in entirely unfitting extensions.
Get the name you need and always wanted with the dot-com extension. Your sales figures and website traffic will prove you right. Don't settle for novelty, non-fitting domain extensions (like .xyz) sounding out-of-place, making you look less serious about running a business or operating web-based internet services.

The business extension dot-com is ingrained as secure and reliable in people's minds. Therefore, it should be your first choice for any global or local internet site.
  • Don't take chances with just any domain name. Instead, choose a name that fits your business and is the only one that's entirely right for you. No matter how long the domain might be. Secure at least one Keyword in your domain. If you choose wisely, it could make a difference for Google search results.
For your site to be found, be bookmarked, and attract lots of traffic, your business should be mirrored in your domain name, and your domain name should reflect your business, too.

With millions of domain names out there, it should not be too complicated to find the right one for you. 

Even if there are no NNNN.