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Seaside is an unincorporated master-planned community on the Florida panhandle in Walton County, between Panama City Beach and Destin.
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Creation Date: 2008-08-24 

Seaside, Florida, it's a different world - clean, neat, picturesque. 

Arriving in Florida's panhandle, one would not except something so lovely.

Florida always had a few surprises when it came to new residential developments. 

Most of them were built where there was still enough space and it was possible to create without disturbing nature. Something for every taste and budget, really.
  • The one thing that made the place quite unique was the fact that it was smack right on the beach. Not in the Everglades, not in Orlando and not in Miami.
The special about this beach location was that it was built (in the early 80') a bit up from the beach, only a few feet or so, but enough to protect the properties and the town from off rising water. Not on the dunes, mind you but on an occurring natural rise in the land. And facing south, so sunshine if you want it all day long.
  • Cruising through Seaside it wasn't right away clear what the developers wanted to achieve, but a look back to the beginnings and history of seaside made it clear why this was a special place indeed.
According to the builder, it is the first community in Florida where all homes are built in such a way that they can withstand hurricane winds. The slight set back from the waterfront with the remaining dunes acting as a buffer zone can protect properties better than homes built directly on the beach.

Any homeowner who invests hardly earned money will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that the home cannot be swept away with some strong winds as has happened elsewhere along beaches in the sunshine state.

As we are slowly cruising through the streets of this pedestrian-friendly town, we noted how lovely the signs and names of the homes were affixed on the outside, almost like a little present, with every house different from the next, in a variety of colors and a beautiful heap of individuality.
  • Parking the car and walking toward the beach we had an excellent view of the golf of Mexico. Due to the elevated location away and above from shore.
Going back into the town center there was a woman in front of a house. 'Where are you from'? we ask 'and why seaside'? 'We're from Texas' she replied, and added ' where else can you let your kids ride around the street on a bike.'

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