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iDiscounts = Internet Discounts.

ABOUT THIS DOMAIN. A domain name can be your online address regardless of whether or when you build a website for your online presence. You can use it for branded email or redirect to another Web location of your choice. 

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Discounting the 'i' (no pun intended) is a one-word domain.

With this country code domain extension dot-de,
here are a few suggestions for merchandise and/or services you could sell to the world from Germany.
  • Bücher Discounts 
  • Bahn Discounts
  • Billigflieger Discounts
  • Cruise Discounts
  • Drogeriemarkt Discounts ‎  
  • Frühbucher Discounts
  • Fashion Discounts
  • Kaufhaus Shop Discounts
  • Lebensmittel Discounts
  • Neuwagen Discounts 
  • Möbel Discounts 
  • Schmuck Discounts
  • Software  Discounts 
  • Spa Discounts
  • Supermarkt Discounts
  • Tierbedarf Discounts
This list is limited, your ideas and imagination are not. Acquire and get started with a top-level country code domain.

A website with the KEYWORD discounts and the extension de is sure to attract people from Germany and from around the world. With you can build up an Internet shop and possibly become the next Amazon.
When a Google search for 'discounts' returns  373.000.000 results(!), it is clear that a key word loaded domain name like could result in heavy website traffic and first page search engine result.
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Make an offer, place a bid or buy outright. 

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