Friday, March 31, 2017



Here we have a great two-word domain name, as easy to remember as 123. 'Core' according to the dictionary means the fundamental and most important part of something. 

There you have it, 'The most important part.' The domain can be the most crucial part not of just something. It can be the beginning of a start-up or anything that you want it to be.

Make it the center of something 'Manhattan.' See some examples below.

The CORE is preceded by 'Manhattan' so the possibility to do in Manhattan what you think is right is pretty much unlimited by your imagination. Here are some suggestions.

  • Make it a nightclub or a restaurant, even a hotel or resort.
  • Write a book named Manhattan Core or issue a journal or blog about the Big Apple.
  • Open a Manhattan fashion store.
  • Make it a gym or health spa or a social meeting point of any kind
  • Use it as a business name; it's easy to remember and catchy as well.

The list is incomplete and may not include your great idea(s). However, to realize your dreams you must own the domain. It's secure with a starting bid of only USD 1. So place a bid now, make an offer or buy the domain right away, you'll be glad you did.

P.S. Manhattan Core is real; it defines a particular area of New York City: 

“Manhattan Core,” the area south of 96th Street on the east side and south of 110th Street on the west side of Manhattan, New York, USA.

Registered - September 19, 2008

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