is for sale. 

A perfect domain for vacation home rental professionals, real estate agencies, homeowners, travel agencies, tour operators, holidaymakers, end-users and domain name investors. All can profit when this domain is used to complement their own website(s) or to start an independent vacation home rental business.

A domain name like can be your online address regardless of whether or when you build a website for your online presence. You can use it for branded email or to redirect to another Web location of your choice. A domain name is the best way to establish yourself online - with or without a website.
Ferienhaus is a German word and translates as 'vacation home.'

Linking or forwarding could significantly increase traffic to one's own site, improving ALEXA rating and Google search results. 

Professionals who plan to launch their own website related to vacation home rentals would be very well served if they own this domain.  Anyone in the German-speaking market searching online for 'Ferienhaus' would inadvertently enter it into their browser, resulting in first-page search results.

While Germans are known to travel to just about every U.S. state, Austrian and Swiss nationals are avid USA visitors as well. The dot-com extension of is not restricted to any country or a country code extension and can be used globally.

However, a dot-de version is also for sale

Make an offer or place a bid for either domain. You'll be glad you did.

Free transfer into your name and free transfer to your free OMNIS account.


Creation Date: 13-Sep-2008