Fake News

Pure fiction or just fake news?

A few years ago, while browsing the web, looking for domain news, I came across an article about buying domain names.

The writer, who, for the preservation of his/her dignity, shall remain unnamed, advised and made the statement, ‘not to buy a domain from someone living in a foreign country because it’s too complicated.'

Living and working out of Germany now, of course, I am bothered by inaccurate statements regarding the domain business.

I shook my head in disbelieve and had to think for a moment, what defines a foreign country, regarding global Internet trade. Surely, any state outside of someone’s current place of residence or business could be ‘foreign.' If indeed people would think, international trade is ‘complicated,' global commerce as we know it, would come to a screeching halt.

Please note: Every one of Domain-inventory.com's domain is registered and hosted by ICANN-accredited registrars in the United States of America and or Europe. The buyers of my domains are a little bit dispersed all over the globe, and no one of my buyers ever objected to the fact that I now live in Germany.

There is and never has been a problem with selling or transferring a domain name.

Here's a little useful tool. You can check that all is in order by visiting whois. (Due to new EU privacy regulations this service is not available anymore, after May 2018).

That site will give you all the information about a domain, registrar, dates, owner, etc.

Country codes like .de, .co.uk and .cn are most likely registered in their respective countries, too. Dot-com on the other hands can be registered from any country on the planet. Some individual European domain extensions can only be registered if you either live in that country or in the EU (think .fr) or have a registrar holding it for you if you don't.

The only thing that matters is the value of the domain name and regardless if it is a top-level or a country code domain name. Regardless of who owns it or where.
  • It just goes to show while it’s nice to have a free, uncensored Internet, anybody can publish whatever - and you have to wonder if it's a fact, pure fiction or just fake news.
This article is a modified 'reprint,' first published on Monday, July 05, 2010 at niccosblog.com.